Experiential Marketing

Interactive Touch Solutions

Built with Unity 3D and Unreal Engine, we deliver solutions that are engaging to the end user and offer instant feedback during interaction. The platform are built to run on android and windows making them compatible with a wide range of tablets, phones and computers. Be it product displays, engaging games or instant feedback displays Bluemaroon has the solution you need.

Virtual Reality

Our VR solutions delover the most immersive experience seamslessly across Web,Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality platforms. Our solutions are customized for real estate entertainment and healthcare. Our applications seamlessly bring both traditional media and immersive 2D / 3D 360° Photos & Video along with 3D Models and CGI

Architectural Visualization

Like any other creative process, an architecture render requires deep understanding of visual communication. Our high-end visualization not only stands out in quality but also reflects our cinematographic style, and thus communicates architecture.We are producing 3D animation with newest visualization technology using 3Ds Max and Unreal Engine. This kind of approach allows us to achieve speed 30 times faster than the traditional way of creating 3D animations.

Animation Walkthoughs

It becomes easier for the presenters to showcase their project idea in real manner. These walkthroughs are valued for serving extensive detailed feel of interior and exterior parts of the architectural design including floors, wall colors, textures, lighting fittings and impact of outer artificial and natural light on the interior feel.Animated walkthroughs work cohesively & complimentary to a pre-existing set of images, even further representing the developers future properties.